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SECURIO - a totally new look for todays shredders. Document shredders have become an integral part of modern offices. Therefore, it is only appropriate that SECURIO shredders are totally state-of-the-art in terms of their design, economic energy management (EMCS), absolute ease of operation use and low-noise in operation. These combined features produced a document shredder for the future office today.


The advantages:
  • Specially hardened solid steel cutting rollers (V-groove V-TEK), unaffected by staples and paper clips
  • Motors are designed for continuous operation
  • Selection of different functions with a single control key: start, stop, temporary and permanent mode
  • Transparent front window allows quick and easy site of container capacity and level
  • Automatic reverse in the event of paper jam, “R” button to operate the reversing functionf
  • Large waste container extends the interval between emptying
  • Separate waste bags for paper and CDs allow waste separation


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( SECURIO C14 4x25mm )
Price HKD$3,200

SECURIO B35 (3.9mm)
Price HKD$20,000

SECURIO B35 (4.5x30mm)
Price HKD$25,500

SECURIO B35 (1.9x15mm)
Price HKD$28,500

SECURIO B26 (4.5 X 30mm)
Price HKD$11,000

SECURIO B26 (1.9x15mm)
Price HKD$12,000

SECURIO B26 (3.9mm)
Price HKD$9,500

(SECURIO C18 3.9mm )
Original HKD$5,400
Special HKD$4,200

(SECURIO C18 1.9x15mm )
Original HKD$6,900
Special HKD$5,500

(SECURIO C18 3.9x30mm )
Original HKD$6,400
Special HKD$5,250

(SECURIO C16 4x25mm )
Price HKD$4,000

(SECURIO C16 3.9mm)
Price HKD$3,000

SECURIO B24(4.5x30mm)
Original HKD$8,700
Special HKD$7,900

SECURIO P44i (3.9x40mm)
Price HKD$57,200

SECURIO P44i (1.9x15mm)
Price HKD$58,100

SECURIO P44i (3.9mm)
Price HKD$49,400

SECURIO P40i (4.5x30mm)
Price HKD$40,940

SECURIO P40i (1.9x15mm)
Price HKD$42,700

SECURIO P40i (3.9mm)
Price HKD$35,800

SECURIO P36i (4.5 X 30mm)
Price HKD$33,700

SECURIO P36i (1.9 X 15mm)
Price HKD$35,500

SECURIO P36i (3.9mm)
Price HKD$29,700

SECURIO B32 (4.5 X 30mm)
Price HKD$12,100

SECURIO B34 (4.5x30mm)
Price HKD$14,800

SECURIO B34 (1.9x15mm)
Price HKD$15,500

SECURIO B34 (3.9mm)
Price HKD$13,100

SECURIO B32 (3.9mm)
Price HKD$10,600

SECURIO B32 (1.9x15mm)
Price HKD$12,900

SECURIO B24(1.9x15mm)
Original HKD$9,200
Special HKD$8,200
Displaying 1 to 30 (of 34 products) Result Pages  1  2 
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